Vote Earth Action Fund

Earth Day Leads to Election Day

While the November election day has passed, there still is one critical election in the state of Georgia.  A runoff election for both U.S. Senate seats will occur on January 5th.  We are working to get Georgians out to vote and Vote Earth. 

There still is time to register for the runoff until December 7.  Shortly after, early voting begins on December 14.  To learn more, check out the Georgia Secretary of State’s website.  

Vote Earth calls on citizens everywhere to use their voting power to ensure we address the climate crisis, combat environmental problems and restore, conserve and protect the natural world.  The Vote Earth Action Fund seeks to promote these values by encouraging support for leaders at the local, state and federal levels who will:

  • Support actions to move the U.S. to a clean energy economy that achieves net-zero carbon emissions.
  • Advocate for renewable energy sources in the agricultural, energy, industrial and transportation sectors
  • Work to enact measures to conserve and restore ecosystems for the health of the planet
  • End environmental injustice in communities across the country
  • Fight the exploitation and endangerment of wildlife and the loss of habitat 
  • Minimize waste streams throughout the world, especially the proliferation of plastic pollution
  • Make the connection between planetary health and human health
  • Educate communities on the importance of leadership, science and preparedness

Contact:  Will Callaway